About Us

The company ‘ISMAR” was founded in 2012 in order to deliver responsible storage of the non-food goods services in compliance with customer's requirements and modern standards of warehouse logistics.

The company's collective is a group of confederates, constantly studying modern warehouse logistics, aiming for the high quality personal work, company's administrative assistance and the culture of organising work.

We are open to constructive criticism and we are severe on noticed shortcomings in the work of our Partners and also conciliators among us and our Partners. We accept methodical help and we are glad to help our Partners. We suppose that there are no other people's problems,and ultimately, every problem affects mutually beneficial cooperation.

We are constantly working on studying our Partners`needs, our company adjusts to established business projects and suggests our own solutions of automation, cutting costs and human factors' possible adverse effects. 

Our philosophy

Maximum integration into our partners` logistics structure until their perception of us as their own business unit.

Our goals

to provide stable quality of delivered services; to achieve the balance between our own profit and allowable costs of our partners` logistic processes' outsource; to cut costs connected with organising our partners`warehouse and transport logistics in their business processes.

Working in our company makes a person feel safe.Selfless mutual aid and warm business relations in the collective ultimately become a guarantee of implementation of clearly defined tasks, maximum yield and satisfaction of fulfilment of the tasks at hand.