LLC "ISMAR", 600003, Russia, Vladimir, md. Orgtrud, st. Oktyabrskaya, p. 26
tel./fax: +7 (4922) 45-63-58 +7 (920) 902-23-22
coordinates for the navigator: + 56 ° 10'54.22 ", + 40 ° 36'10.99"


Storage of goods

Type of storage Unit Price
Complex storage of goods in a fixed area (sq.m.) 290 RUB
Storage of tare-measure 1 cu/m RUB/ per day (storage in m3) piece. 20 RUB
Storage of Out-of-gauge tare-measure 1 cu/m RUB per day (storage in m3) piece. 30 RUB
Storage of tare space from 0,2 cbm to 0,4 cbm RUB per day (Barrels) piece. 5 RUB
Storage of tare-measure from 1 cbm to 1,5 cbm/day piece. 18 RUB
Storage of tare place from 1,5 cbm to 2 cbm RUB/day piece. 23 RUB
Storage of tare place from 2 cbm to 3 cbm RUB/day piece. 28 RUB

Loading and unloading

Service name Unit Price
Handling operations MECHAN-E (per 1 t) kg 500 RUB
Handling operations MECHAN-E (pallet) square. 110 RUB
MECHAN-E Loading and unloading of bulk materials (per 1m³) 130 RUB
Handling operations MECHAN-E of inventory from truck to truck square. 175 RUB
HAND loading/unloading operations (per 1m³) 150 RUB
HAND loading-unloading operations (per 1t) t. 1000 RUB
Hand loading-unloading operations (box up to 10 kg) box 7 RUB
Hand loading-unloading operations (box from 10 to 25 kg) box 11 RUB
Hand loading-unloading operations(sack up to 50 kg) pack. 14 RUB
HAND loading-unloading operations (sack up to 1kg) piece. 25 RUB
HAND (pallet) loading-unloading operations square. 140 RUB

Processing of goods

Service name Unit Price
FITTING OF ORDER BOX (per 1 pc.) piece. 6 RUB
Ordering set PALLET (per 1 pc.) piece. 30 RUB
Piece-by-piece order picking (for 1 item up to 1kg.) piece. 2 RUB
Palletizing with stretch-film (including consumables) square. 100 RUB
Palletizing with plastic tape (including consumables) square. 90 RUB
Palletizing with adhesive tape (including consumables) unit. 10 RUB
Styling unit. 5 RUB
Recounting of goods piece by piece (per unit) unit. 2 RUB
Disassembly of packaged order (per 1 pallet) square. 120 RUB
Reassembly of damaged pallet (per 1 pallet) square. 120 RUB
Damping of tare pieces (including 3,2 mm fibreboard) 100 RUB
Damping of packaging areas (incl. corrugated board P32) 100 RUB
Bulk cargo handling (Eurocube container) kg. 0,90 RUB
Liquid cargo transshipment (container Barrel) kg. 1.2 RUB


Service name Unit Price
provision of pallets (euro pallet) 1200*1200 piece. 220 RUB
Pallet provision (Europallet) 1200*800 piece. 220 RUB
Reception and processing of orders dock. 100 RUB
Receipt and handling of EXPOSITION orders dock. 120 RUB
Weighing of cargo up to 2.5 tonnes pl. 30 RUB
Measurement of cargo volume pl./up. 30 RUB
Nesting of documents and information in inventory dock. 20 RUB
Forklift truck operation in excess of contractual conditions (minimum 1 hour) hour 450 RUB
Overtime (service beyond warehouse opening hours) on working days hour 1400 RUB
Overtime (service provision outside working hours of the warehouse complex) on holidays and weekends hour 2100 RUB
Rubbish collection and transportation (solid waste) and disposal 850 RUB
Sealing (including consumables) piece. 40 RUB
Unscheduled inventory (per item) piece. 2 RUB
Unscheduled inventory (per pallet) piece. 120 RUB
Unscheduled inventory (per box) piece. 2 RUB