Services and Warehouse

ISMAR LLS provides high-quality warehouse services related to the storage of various non-food products in heated premises of category C. Our modern warehouse complexes are located in Vladimir and the Vladimir region.

Warehouse logistics services

The company is not a lessor. The main specialization of our company is related to the outsourcing of logistics processes in the field of storage, as well as the processing of finished goods. We provide professional warehouse logistics services.

In contrast to companies whose services are provided one-time and limited to certain periods, we are engaged in high-quality support at a high level, ensuring the uninterrupted performance of logistics systems. The activity is based on the conclusion of a long-term contract.

One of our premises is provided for storage of products. The warehouse is fenced, equipped with a video surveillance system and round-the-clock security. It has access and maneuverable roads accessible to heavy transport.

By signing a contract with us for the storage of goods in a warehouse, you refer this function into the hands of a responsible contractor. ISMAR outsourcing services save your costs, increase the work efficiency of your company and provide a good opportunity to release resources for the development of new or already existing business areas.


Warehouse complex LLC "ISMAR"

Our main office and warehouse complex are located in Vladimir, Orgtrud microdistrict. The main area used for storage is 2500 m2. There are 2000 m2 of reserve space on the 1st floor, 1000 m2 on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and 800 m2 for offices. The ceiling height is 4.5 meters.

The warehouse in the village of Pogrebishchi has 1500 m2 of free space for use. The area of the 1st floor is 1000 m2, and for offices - 300 m2. The height of warehouse ceilings is 7 meters.

Our warehouse complexes are equipped with access and maneuverable roads accessible to heavy transport.

There is a secure fence around the perimeter. Our complexes are guarded all the time. There is a video surveillance system that partners can access online. If necessary, the work process is organized around the clock.

If you need reliable warehouses for storing various goods near Moscow, then the best choice is to turn to the services of ISMAR. Trust the professionals!


Warehouse rental – price in Vladimir

Are you looking for a warehouse logistics company in the Moscow region with favorable prices and good terms of cooperation? ISMAR LLC is at your service. Our warehouse complexes are located in the city of Vladimir and the region.

We offer our customers modern premises for the storage of non-food products and ensure the safety and security of your products. Warehouses are guarded around the clock, and also equipped with a convenient access for freight transport. We do everything for the comfort of our customers.

We invite you to familiarize yourself on the website with the prices for storing goods in warehouses that are located in Vladimir and the Vladimir region. You can also check the cost of loading and unloading, processing of goods and other additional services of ISMAR company.

Provision of services by ISMAR

The provision of services by our company includes the following items:

  • Unloading of various vehicles with rear or side loading (can be done manually and mechanically), including unloading containers - rail or sea.
  • Acceptance of non-food products, including control over the integrity of existing containers.
  • Stickering of each nomenclature item.
  • Carrying out labeling of containers (if it is included in the client's conditions), and placing it in a warehouse.
  • Repacking products in case of damage.
  • Service of recalculation of transport places in containers.
  • Insurance of items accepted for temporary safekeeping.
  • Automation of accounting for all storage units, including inventories that are carried out selectively and periodically. Based on the results of the work carried out, an official report is provided.
  • Provision of storage on racks and on the floor.
  • Container stacking and palletizing service. We form euro-pallets.
  • Carrying out loading of freight transport manually and using mechanisms.
  • Maintaining off-balance sheet accounting of commodity units that are in our storage.
  • Service of registration of necessary commodity-transport documentation.
  • We also offer our clients effective promotion of their services and products in search engines.

The price of services provided by our company does not include VAT.


Advantages and cost of renting a warehouse

A successful business requires a well-established logistics system. The selection of the appropriate storage space is also very important. A well-chosen space will ensure productive relations between the manufacturer of goods and its seller, between retail chains and direct consumers of products.

When choosing a warehouse, its location and square footage should be taken into account. Our experts will select a convenient storage for each client and offer a favorable price for renting a warehouse. The optimal choice is the complex storage of goods on a fixed area, where payment is made per square meter.

Our company's services have a number of advantages:

  • you minimize the cost of utility bills, taxes and maintenance
  • you do not need to immediately invest a large amount, we have the price per m2, piece, etc.;
  • the services of a warm equipped warehouse are provided under the contract;
  • when working with clients, all the nuances of cooperation are taken into account.